Monday, August 30, 2010

Yearly Check Up

Well we just had our yearly check up and he did great. We still put a muzzle on him just to be safe but he didn't try to snap or bite so maybe we have gotten better at our attitude (one can only hope). This vet seems very fun and friendly.

He had to have two shots and blood taken. They put a cute little bandage on his leg. It is ridiculous but I loved it of course!

Hims is tough! (and wants noting to do with the camera)

The Before and The REAL After

So I made a few minor changes since my last post and I think it turned out pretty good! The bookcases work much better apart (thanks for everyone's suggestions). Also, I finished my frames! I am loving yellow and orange (just a little, lets not go crazy). Sometimes I think crafting takes too much time and energy (Isn't Marshall's home section just easier?). I love them nonetheless.

I also finished the office! It really only needed curtains and a wall sconce, I had everything else from before. I really like the way it turned out. Who would have though I like using gold to decorate (I detest it for jewelry). PS Can I add how much I love my framed diplomas (it makes my office legit).

Now I have one empty looking dinning room. I literally only have a table and chairs (pine no less). I will probably wait a while before I dive into this one, all my creative brain cells have been officially used up.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Main Focus This Week

For the last week or so I have been focusing my time, attention, and money on the living room. I have decided to slowly finish each room so that it looks like someone actually lives here.

For the living room I bought these cute accent pillows for the couches and have worked from there. The blue accent pillows match the blue flowers. I am contemplating drapes for the sliding glass door but cannot decide. Would it be too much? What color would look great and not over power the room?

As for my wall of frames (they will go above my big couch) I decided to go with yellow as my color, to match the little yellow flowers in the pillow. I also wanted to use a warmer yellow as well to bring some variety to the frames. However, I ended up getting orange apparently. At first I hated the colors but they are starting to grow on me. Should I keep the orange? I mean there is no orange in the pillows but its a great color that goes with the rest.

The frames are still in progress. They have been painted. My next decision is whether or not I should put a mocha glaze on them to make them look antique. Thoughts?

Other than curtains, which are a maybe, the entertainment center is the only issue I have left to address. But I am in no hurry. I watch television in my room mostly and only use this one to watch my work out DVDs on. It gets the job done.


The AFTER...

There is another lamp next to the couch but it over powered the picture.

So the last thing I cannot decide is whether to get rid of one of the huge bookcases. I could totally condense down to one if I had too. Sometimes I think the two together is a lot for this room. Suggestions??

PS every piece of furniture in this room was from the magical dumpster, neighbors moving out, or freecycle. The three things I bought were the two couches ($150 from Cragslist) and the little table the t.v. is on (less than $2 at Goodwill 5 years ago). Not bad in my opinion!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A New Hobby

Now that I am done taking dance lessons I decided I needed a new hobby. My apartment also needs some color and stuff on the walls to make it seem like someone actually lives here. SOOOO....

I have decided to call on my Mormon roots and start crafting to decorate my house. I am nervous since I am not that creative nor "crafty" but we shall see how I do!

My first project is a wall of frames for above my couch. I got the idea from a blog (click link) that was using the below picture for inspiration.

I have found most of the frames I want to use except the tiny little ones (can you believe Walmart did not have them). Once I find those and some decorative pillows (with more colors) for my couch I can paint, glaze, and then finally hang them!!

I will keep you updated on my progress.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Homemade Oreos

2 boxes of Devils Food Cake mix
1/2 Cup of Oil
1/2 Cup of Water

Mix all ingredients. Make small balls of mix and place on cookie sheet. Bake at 350 degrees for 8 minutes or until the tops crack. Let cool.

Frosting (You can buy frosting but I like fresh cream cheese frosting best)
1 Cup of Butter
4 Cups of Powder Sugar
1/2 Tsp of Salt
2 Tsp of Vanilla
1 Block of Cream Cheese

Mix all ingredients.

Once cookies have cooled generously add frosting between two! Place in refrigerator to let the frosting harden a little (if not when you bite down the frosting will ooze out the sides). I add way more frosting than the picture I got off google shows, but I really love frosting!

Fun Filled Pittsburgh Weekend

This weekend the boys and I packed up the car and headed to Pittsburgh for Zara's 1st birthday. We had a great day filled with fun, food, and PUPPIES! It was interesting to see two wiener dogs, one 3 lb terrier, and a HUGE great dane all playing together (they had a blast). The food was fantastic! Brent made the best burger I have ever had! He truly is a grill master. My homemade Oreos were a hit as always!

I haven't even looked at the photos on my camera yet but above are two cute ones that were taken of her and posted on Facebook.

I also took my car to Heyward's place of business to have it looked at. I needed a second opinion and was glad I got one. The mechanics in Maryland "suggested" some repairs because my car needed them (over $1,000 worth of crap!). However, after getting the second opinion from the people I trust I only needed a brake fluid flush and a drive belt ($220, awww much better). Why do mechanics always want to take advantage of you?!!?!?!? I HATE IT!

Friday, August 13, 2010

One Down Two More To Go

Today I took and PASSEd the first of three certifications I wanted to get while waiting till I start working for real. I took the Certified Ethical Hacker exam and next is Network + followed by Security +. I hope to get them done in the next few months!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Since I moved to Columbia I have made it a point to start working out more and I definitely have. However, I do not work out everyday like I should nor do I love it. I never feel like it is actually doing anything. I hate running on the treadmill and lifting weights.

Celaschi was kind enough to give me the P90X videos. I liked them alright but I just didn't get into it. The guy is a nutball and I felt like it was way too hard. I did like the more cardio focused ones though.

Well most of my friends have P90X but Wallace has been doing Insanity. He said it is totally cardio focused and I should give it a try. WELL I started Sunday and I absolutely LOVE IT! I just did the ab workout to see what it was all about on Sunday, decided it was something I wanted to do, and yesterday I started the program. I woke up, took the boys out, and then did INSANITY! I haven't felt this good in so long!! Of course I might change my mind in the morning when I cannot move.

I have started many workout plans and diets before and I never really stick with them. I hope to do much better this time! Wish me luck! I will try and blog about it each week so keep me in check if I do not.

PS Who wouldn't want to work out with Shaun T (look at him)!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Franklin Penn

On Saturday August 7th the boys got a new cousin! His name is Franklin Penn and lives in Pittsburgh with Kirsten and Heyward. He is absolutely adorable and I cannot wait to meet him (the boys can't wait either). It makes me want another puppy!

They have made dogs smaller and smaller these days, but can't they make them stay cute and puppy-like!? If they could I would get one in a heartbeat. I also missed out on this time with Walter and I would like to think he would have been just as cute and fluffy!

CONGRATULATIONS Heyward and Jubby!

Here are some pictures of the new Franklin. (Can't you tell I am in infatuated and I haven't even met him yet)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Country's Second Best

About a month or so after I moved to Columbia, MD my old roommate Kirsten texted me that she read this list of the best places to live in the country. She mentioned that where I live now is number TWO! I was excited. Who doesn't want to live somewhere that every one else seems to think is so awesome?!?!

I thought about what made Columbia so great. I mean it was a planned community when they built it. It is really green and nice. There is always a gas station and grocery store right next to you. I live on a golf course about one mile from the mall (that has an AMC IMAX theater). I mean really everything I need is right here. Oh and the mall has a Macys, MAC, PF Changs, and a Cheesecake Factory. It really doesn't get any better than this...does it??

Well if you have read any of my previous posts you would also know that I have a magical dumpster (that is guarded by a black snake) in my complex that has helped me furnish my living room and office. This magical thing even gave me a birthday present (not that my bday wasn't already the best one ever). The morning of my birthday as I pulled out of my parking area to go to work someone had left a beautiful wrought iron bistro set. I had been on craigslist for weeks looking for one and here it was waiting for me! Of course I needed Jace's help and I had to wake him up (he called me a hoarder but I eventually forgave him).

So things seem pretty awesome here. BUT TODAY the best (in my opinion) just happened. I have had my cell phone for a year and mine do not last much longer than that. I am sure it has something to do with the countless hours I talk and text on it as well as the daily falls onto hard surfaces. Well this morning the power button no longer worked! So I thought okay I just won't turn it off and we shall see how long it lasts. Well a few hours later my phone decided to turn itself off and is no more. SO SAD! So I found a Sprint Repair store a few miles from my house and was on my way to spend the rest of the afternoon fighting with the Sprint people. Words CANNOT describe my experience. I was in and out of the door in less than 15 minutes. I had to wait in line but I was the second person. They had to take my phone back to the repair area and see what they could do. The guy came out and asked if I had insurance (which I did) and then it was as if I said the magic words. He immediately went to a computer typed something things in and said that I should have a brand new phone tomorrow! Yes I will be phone-less for 24hrs and yes I will not be able to save my pictures BUT it was the best experience with Sprint and a broken phone I have ever had (plus now I have a NEW phone).

Long story short (sorry I know I talk a lot), I do live in an amazing place and I am excited to see what else happens!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Perfect Week

The rest of Jace's week in Maryland came and went so quickly, I cannot believe I had to drop him off at the airport this morning. We accidentally slept in but he made it in time. I secretly wish he had missed the plane and had to be stuck here with me forever.

We were able to do many wonderful things together, things some people take for granted when they are not in a long distance relationship. We went to dinner, the movies, the zoo, the visitor's center at the temple, church, made dinner together, played Rummikub and dominoes, watched tv, shopped, talked, napped, and went on a walk. I just enjoyed spending time with him doing the normal things we can't do from opposite sides of the country.

I am going to miss him while he is back in Yuma for school. He has come out this way the last three visits so I suppose it is my turn to go see him!