Friday, August 14, 2009

Lil' Wayne Concert

My last weekend in Pittsburgh some of us got together and went to LIL' WAYNE! It was so much fun!! Now of course I want to go to more concerts. Janna and I have Lady Gaga planned for the end of September. (Ludacris and Kanye might also be possibilities in the near future!)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Eat, Pray, Love

Well I don't know what all the hype was about this book. I would suggest to not even bother with this one (even though people may consider me a cold hearted beast for saying that).

Monday, August 3, 2009

Friendly Competition

I never really thought of myself as competitive growing up. My dad and coaches would get frustrated because I was never aggressive enough on the court. However, I just recently realized how competitive I am with games; especially when I am competing against my sissy and Bob (I MUST WIN).

We have gone through many games in the past. A long time ago we were into N64 Tetris and Golden Gun. Sabra and I held our own with Tetris but Bob annihilated us at 007 (never any fun to play when you ALWAYS lose).

Next, was the summer of Bop It Extreme. I remember how intense we were about getting the most in a row. We would take turns throughout the day trying to out do each other. One day I was messing around with it and then all of a sudden I was on a roll…I couldn’t be stopped! I cannot recall how many commands/actions I had gotten through but then the game just suddenly ended…I had beat it! The game was over, done, finished…and I did it first (moment of glory)! I think some people were thoroughly annoyed (Bob and Eric).

Recently we have been into computer games: Hungry Hog, Goober’s Lab, Staries, and the most recently Filler. I have been sent over the edge with Filler. I am embarrassed to admit but I pretty much dedicated most of last week to Filler and beating everyone’s scores. The first time I was in “the zone” I had 90 something thousand (trying to beat Jen Butler’s high score) and then my old computer FROZE! I was so angry…I took an hour break to get some lunch and then it was game time. I slowly progressed through the levels for the next three hours…yes, I said three. I ended up with a little over 200 thousand…I WAS NUMBER ONE! And then when Facebook went to save my score it gave me an error...AN ERROR!! All my efforts had been for nothing…I did however take a picture of my screen around 150 thousand to send to Bob and Sabra. That is the only proof that I had gotten a high score. I think it would be best if I didn’t play for a while…I have many other things that need to get done during the day!

Is anyone just as competitive/crazy as us??

My Sleeping Beauty (or Beau I guess)

Chuy is getting so big; this morning I weighed him and he is 4 lbs! Jubby demanded that he not grow any more while we are not in Pittsburgh. This will be hard but I will try my hardest...I don't want him to get big either (so sad).

The picture below is of us cuddling Sunday morning. He tries to be a tough guy and sleep on the other side of the bed but by morning he is always cuddling in the crook of my arm. He is also the biggest pillow hog known to man. I cannot wait when I am back in my Pitt apartment and I have a billion pillows so we don't have to share.

I took cute pictures of Chuy with all his aunties when they came to visit this weekend. I will upload them later.