Saturday, November 23, 2013

Keeping Cozy

I was able to finish 3 blankets this year…did you hear that?!  THREE BLANKETS!!  I am lucky if I even finish one a year.  I decided it was time to finish all those semi-started blankets taking up room in my craft closet.  So the boys and I worked long and hard into many a nights.  Chuy and Walter were there for support and cuddling…which is always important when making the perfect blanket!

This is the blanket I started for M but has now become the craft room blanket…it matches my bright colors!

 Hard work!

FINALLY all done :)  This was a blanket I made for Mama Lynn (which is now lost somewhere in the state of Washington and I am fighting with the USPS and I am NOT HAPPY)
 I have to give Dina credit for the idea on this one.  Instead of making a tie fleece blanket she suggested I sew them together.  SO EASY and it looks GREAT!  I sleep with this thing every night.  I usually make blankets and give them away or lose them to my boys and Shawn.  But not this one…it's all mine.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Room Refresh

Sometimes I look around and want new furniture…

And then I realize how much that would cost me and I am cheap. :)

I took the iron table I found on the side of the road years ago and repainted it...again!  This poor table was green, then purple, and now its THUNDERCLOUD!  It looks great, better than I could have imagined.

All the frames underwent a refresh as well…mostly just new pictures and mats.

 Walter and I set up for a night of painting (I painted IKEA picture frame mats too)

I didn't realize how tedious this would be…

But it was worth it!!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I had been a lost soul for the past year (in the hair department) with no one in my area that I trusted to do my hair.  Thank goodness Shawn has an amazing friend who is a hair dresser and does FABULOUS work.  She is so fun to chat with and I love going to see her every time.  I know it seems silly to most but getting my hair done is one of the best days I ever have.

I come in with hair that hasn't been touched in 4 months and she transformed it into this…

Thank you Jud!!!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

National Museum of the American Indian

Yesterday Shawn and I ventured into DC to visit the National Museum of the American Indian as part of an extra credit assignment he had.  We had fun looking at all the exhibits and eating in the cafeteria which had amazing food inspired by Native Americans across the United States.  I had a buffalo and duck burger and Shawn had some amazing little cornbread smothered with deliciousness.  We had fry bread for dessert (nothing like the Yuma County Fair fry bread but i'll take it).

I thought of Sydney the whole time.

Day of the Dead for Katie!