Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Get Better Chuy

About two weeks ago I woke up and it was a cold, wet, rainy Friday morning. I let the boys out and Chuy couldn't even walk down the stairs. He laid on the wet door mat. I knew something was wrong! But I am a working mom so I made sure he was wrapped up on the couch and off I went. His Auntie Liz stopped by at noon to check on him and called me telling me to get home NOW. Chuy's anal gland had burst and it didn't look good. Thankfully we now live back in Pittsburgh where our favorite vet is just two blocks away and they saw us immediately. Since Chuy has issues with biting we had to sedate him for the procedure. It was about the scariest thing I had to do. Hold my baby boy while he slowly went under. I came home and had a break down. I know pathetic. A few hours later my boy was back home with me. He needed rest and antibiotics. It has been two weeks and all is well. His man pride has even been restored!

During his recovery Shawn and his daughter, Montgomery, made Chuy a get well card. It was handcrafted and very elaborate. Chuy loved it! Thank you Shawn and M!!!

Walter was a little jealous of the card...not the anal gald issue so much.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Graham Wedding

The last day that my mother was here was the Graham wedding. Thank goodness Shawn was here and able to take my mother and niece to the airport then meet up with me later at the wedding. I only snapped a few photos during the night which makes me sad. I didn't get one of Shawn and I (but my mother did, so look for it soon).

I met Erin and Matt about two years ago and they are a beautiful, happy, and loving couple. They are also the first of our group of friends to get married. We have a few engaged and I know there are more on the way. Things might be a changing for our group in the next year or two...we are getting older!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Annual Fall Visit

This past week I was so lucky to have my mother and my oldest niece Sydney come visit me during their fall vacation. My mother is making fall vacations with me a tradition and brings one of my nieces or nephews with her. Last year was Maverick, this year Sydney, and I am sure next year is Mallory, I cannot wait! I look forward to this tradition now.

This year we picked apples and made pies (per our usual), shopped, cooked, ate out, shopped some more, went to Cirque du Soleil, and had a great time enjoying each others company. Oh yah...and we worked on bulking up my year supply.

Shawn was also able to come up for the weekend and meet my mother and niece. I think they liked each other, which was a relief! After meeting him Sydney said to me, "You didn't tell me he talked funny. Is his accent real?" Yes! His southern accent is definitely real and thick! Who knew I would find a man from the south in Maryland.

When my mother is around I take the opportunity to not take one single photo. I know she took at least 1,000 pictures. I am not kidding! Last year I think it was over 1,500!! I forgot to grab them off her camera before she left but she promises to get them to me. So sadly this post has no photos of our visit. I will add them to the blog as soon as I get them. HURRY MOM!

Thank you mother for a great week...sorry for being grumpy at times, I am like my father sometimes.

Here is a picture of the show we went to, Quidam.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Without a Paddle

The weather last week was terrible (in the 40s and wet), however as the new week started the days became sunny and bright. It couldn't have been more perfect for my trip down to Maryland (70s).

I decided to take Friday off so Shawn and I could go kayaking in Annapolis. The tour guides were funny, the weather was beautiful, and there happened to be a boat show going on. I decided that I could take more pictures (for memories of course) if Shawn could just do all the paddling. I am not sure if he totally agreed with me but he was a good sport...I sometimes helped out a little but would get water in the kayak and all over myself (hey I am from the desert, what do you expect?!).

Afterwards, we laid in the park to dry off in the sun; then went to a small pub to grab a burger. We had quite the entertainment, we ate as we watched a huge tour bus try to turn down a tiny one way, one lane street (it took numerous men and about 30 mintues to help the driver).

The rest of the weekend was spent on relaxing mixed with some shopping, errands, and friends. We had planned on going to the Reinassance Festival however traffic and time seemed to be against us (maybe next year).