Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mom and Tiny Come for a Visit

This post always takes me the longest for a few reasons: 1) I am recovering from a week of vacation, 2) I have 1000 photos to go through (thanks mom), and 3) I am so sad that it is over, blogging makes it seem final.

We did our yearly apple and pumpkin picking at a local farm.  


Tiny had to get the green one.  It was his "grenade".

We carved the pumpkins, made apple pie fillings to freeze (my year supply), and made apple pies and apple crisp!

We didn't stop until all apples had been peeled and made into filling.

Grandma even made Tiny peel!

During the week we took some time to relax and just hung out around the house.  Tiny played with the boys, went on adventures in the yard and the park, defeated zombies with Shawn, went a few rounds in a boxing match, and even made exploding popcorn (and many many more things).

 Zombie killing while the women folk went shopping.

 Making the popcorn with Shawn for movie night.

If you notice there is a pattern here.  We love to be in our PJs and stay at home.  I couldn't complain.

However, we did get out of our pajamas a few times to go out and explore the area.  We went to the Baltimore Aquarium, Anne's Dairy Creme, Fort Meade park, Coal Fire,  Medieval Times, and shopping…lots of shopping.  I loved every minute I had with these two and miss them so much!

I think Shawn was getting tired of posing for so many photos at the castle.

Tiny loved when the knights finally decided to fight each other.

 Outside the aquarium.

 Double chili dog with everything! (two foot long dogs in one loaf I mean bun)

 Someone found my kickboxing gloves and took it out on Shawn.  Walter is the referee.

 He was worried about getting his pull-ups in everyday so we had to go to the park and do some make up days.  He is dedicated.

Feeding the fish and ducks on Fort Meade.

 Making little spears.

He only got upset once the whole time when he say his friends were at his house playing with Buddy.

 We even gave the boys a bath, brushed their teeth, and combed their fur.

Honey Bear!

Big night out at the castle.

 4-D movie…Tiny loved the bubbles, wind, and snow!

 Grandma makes everyone pose for more photos.

Had to carve a scary bat face.

Mom wouldn't let him get the boots…He is a handsome cowboy.

Bat face and skull!

 His favorite was the sharks.

 Pro Boxer.

She gets the flower every time she comes.  The knights must love her.