Thursday, June 26, 2008

Brazil Scrapbook!

I have been scrapbooking like a maniac the last week or so. I have completed two and have about two pages on the third. Here is the one of my trip to Brazil I took this January with my professor and twenty some odd students. Enjoy! and I will put my other two up soon...promise.

If your just as annoyed as I am about the previewer only being half on there go to this should show you the entire thing!

Monday, June 23, 2008


As I grow older I have developed a fear of germs...Yes I am somewhat of a germaphobe). But germs in general do not scare me, rather it is germs in the batheroom that do.

It started out simple...shower walls and curtain. I hate them and freak out when I touch them. Then it was public restroom door handles. I try and hold on to my paper towel until after I open the door and leave...but smetimes that is impossible and then I resort to the pinky trick (opening the door with your pinky so your whole hand is not contaminated) or sometime I just wait for someone else to open it (but this usually gets weird and annoying looks). Next came my problem with sinks...I have heart palpatations if my toothbrush accidently falls in the sink even if for 2 seconds (at times I contemplate throwing it away but a nice rinse is scalding hot water has worked). In general I can not deal with bathrooms even my own. I have to clean with gloves on and I can not bring myself to do it as much as I should (laziness could play a factor in this one). But I have noticed it getting worse recently (in the last year or so). My phobia has moved to toilet seats and shower floors...and yes again even in my own bathroom. Toilet seats...get inspected everytime before I sit, if ok I usually take toilet paper and wipe them, and if bad I make a seat cover with the toilet paper (this is not just in public restrooms either!). Finally shower floors...I pretty much wear cheap Old Navy flip flops in any situation I feel uncomfortable letting my feet touch the shower.

I guess I am just a weirdo...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Can't Live Without You

I am bored today sitting at a job that pays well and requires minimal time and effort. I hate it most days...admit it ten hours is a long day. So I am thinking about all the other things I would rather being doing and then I decided to do a blog on things I COULD NOT live without. After thinking I was surprised it was not as trivial as I thought it would be (ok so maybe a few things are). So here it is.

1. Living in a first world country. After my trip to Brazil I remebered how much I love hot clean running water and airconditioning.
2. A sense of humor. It doesn't seem like a big one but it is. I realize it the most when I meet people that lack do they get through life?
3. Technology. I live on my phone, watch countless hours of movies, do online scrapbooking, blogging, facebooking, shopping, and endlessly surf. Honestly most of my day is "wasted" on some form of technology...without it I would not know what to do...manual labor? I don't think so.
4. My parents. I am spoiled rotten and without them I would not have the things I have, my education, good looks (right dad?) or the annoyance and frustration that keeps life a little bit more interesing.
5. Teeth whittening. I am obsessed with have white teeth and thanks to walmart I can whitten forever at the low price of $4.
6. Being a Latter-Day Saint. I am by no means the picture perfect mormon but I am eternally grateful for living in these times. There is no way in heck I would have been able to trek across the country and survived (or at least not whine incessantly).

I saved the next two for last. Although God has blessed me by surrounding me with plenty of people that love and care for me there has always been two women that have influenced my life with their patience, kindness, knowledge, and love.

The first is my grandmother. She is probably the strongest woman I have ever met or will ever meet. She has survived polio as a child, broke free from not so good marriages, farmed more land alone than any woman in Bard (and probably most places), and has been a solid foundation for her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. She has taught me that I am capable of achieving anything and everything...and if someone doesn't think so then "screw 'em". Thank you grandma for loving and supporting me through all that I do.

The second is my big sissy. Since the day I was born we have been inseperable. She has taught me that through all of life's ups and downs to be strong and true to my family and beliefs (and I am still learning this one). She has showed me unconditional love and patience. Of course ever little sissy wants to be like her big sissy and I hope that one day I will be. Like her I want to be a patient mother, a loving wife, and an obedient daughter not only to my earthly parents but also my Heavenly Father and Mother (no matter how hard it may seem sometimes). Thank you for always being there...Oh and I love you more!

Its ok mom...I didn't mention you because your my mom and by default your the best!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Wednesday I left work and was going to quickly grab my things and then leave with my mom and sister to go to phoenix. I had to catch a late flight but my mom wanted to get up and back quickly. We planned to leave at 4:30ish. Well I left work at three and was telling John his tux came with a regular tie and not a bowtie. He said that was wrong so now I had to make a trip to Johnny's Apparel before I left town. Thank goodness that I took the entire tux because EVERYTHING was wrong. The pants were too long, jacket too small, wrong vest, wrong tie, and I thought the shirt was ok but when I got to DC John informed me the colar was wrong. Well if that was not enough my dress was suppose to be done on Tuesday...the lady making my dress said she needed more time and would have it done and delivered by 3pm on Wednesday. We went to her house at 5:30ish to see if she was done. We did not leave with a completed dress until 6:30! I was glad to get it and in the car. I made it in plenty of time for my flight (which was delayed an hour) but Sabra and my mom were driving home pretty late. It was just one of those days were everything goes wrong. I was actually glad to get to the airport and wait!

US Army's 233rd Birthday Ball

This last week I took a red eye to Washington DC and met up with John. When I got in on Thursday I ate breakfast and went to bed while John worked. The next day while John was at work I went to Arlington Cemetery and saw JFK's grave and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. I made it just in time for the changing of that guards. I also went to the Pentagon and was able to get in with my government ID. After that I took the metro to see Janna. She picked me up and we drove to Baltimore to go to the National Aquarium. I loved it...we saw sharks, dolphins, a sea turtle (my fav). We also went to a 4D showing of Planet Earth...LOVED IT! Saturday John and I did some shopping at Georgetown. Then we got ready and went to the Army Ball. I had alot of fun. The food was great, the vice-president spoke, and I got to wear a great dress! We flew home on Sunday and got in super late....I was a beast the next morning trying to get up for work.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The River

Bob got a boat recently and we all went out yesterday with the neighbors and had a blast! Mallory was crying and shaking on the ride out to the sandbar but she calmed down for the rest of the day. Buddy LOVED it....the boat, sandbar, and water (everything). The baby was a little fussy but it was fun watching him...especially when he crapped his shorts and got it on Sabra...and when we were almost back to the loading dock and we were dry he peed on her lap. We buried Sydney in the sand and made her look like a mermaid....well at least we tried. All in all it was a great day and we had so much fun. We are trying to make this a weekend thing for the summer so I should have a great tan! Here are some pics and if you go to Sabra's she will have more too!!

Zachy's Graduation

My little brother graduated this last Friday. Sabra and I took some snacks and entertainment so we could survive to the end. We did not quite make it but the Nintendo DS, nerds, and cell phone camera kept us busy. After graduation we all went to Texas Roadhouse. We had a lot of fun and I am glad that is the last graduation that I have to sit through for a while.