Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Here is a cute picture of Tiny and Buddy finally got a haircut...Bob did it! Sabra was so pleased.

Myrtle Beach

After I put my family on the plane home from graduation Lisa, Rose, and I went to Myrtle Beach. We stayed at a fancy hotel(being sarcastic!!!) for only $37.00 a night. Once we got there we realized that we were there for black bike week....we all got in touch with our inna-gangsta! (in the gold malibu...jan's car) Lisa also dropped her phone four stories...idiot. Well by the end of the week we were already to go home...or at least get away from each other! Here are some pics...enjoy.


My parents, grandmother, and John came to Washington, PA to see me graduate on the 17th. The weather was wet the entire time but they did have fun. I also had them help me pack and move my things out of my dorm. Aren't I nice. We had so much fun! I am very thankful they made the journey out there to see me.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Senior Week

I am done! I finished my last final on Tuesday morning!! Since then we have been doing all the FUN activities they have planned for us. The first night was a picnic and a bar crawl down main street. The next day we had a Champagne breakfast and then we went on the Gateway Clipper Cruise for dinner and dancing follwed by VIP. Today we had a cook out and then its another "social" at the VIP. I also have been packing and cleaning when I have a few here and there. Tonight mom, dad, and gma get into town. Then tomorrow its MOVING DAY....BLAH! But then saturday is GRADUATION....then MYRTLE BEACH! I can not wait. Well here are some pics of the festivities. Enjoy!