Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Year's Resolution

Someone asked me what my New Year's Resolutions for 2014 were and I didn't really have an answer.  I try not to make resolutions because I have never really kept them (floss every day, write in a journal, etc.).  Why set myself up for failure?!

However, last year I decided that enough was enough and I was going to start eating more healthy and exercising more regularly.  I have been able to stick to my healthier lifestyle goals for all of 2013, so my goal for 2014 is to just keep up the good work!

I am very excited about what I was able to accomplish.  I have never felt better.  But instead of going on and on about everything I did I will just mention a few things I learned throughout the year.

I learned a lot about my body and food.  I learned even more about how my body reacts to the food I put into it.  I also learned that a little bit of exercise every now and then wasn't going to cut it, definitely helps but doesn't make the pounds come off.  I also learned that every one is different…different bodies, different weight loss/gain, different workout habits, different everything.  Find what works best for you and keep doing it!

But most of all I have made two realizations through this last year of healthier living...

#1 Slow and steady wins the race.  Just be consistent and do things that are manageable for your schedule/lifestyle and you will not only see a difference but healthy eating and regular exercise will become a part of your daily routine (not just something you are doing to lose weight).

#2 When eating, use the 80% rule.  Make good healthy choices 80% of the time and you will see results while still enjoying a cheat meal here and there.  Life isn't fun if we can't enjoy yummy but bad for you food every once in a while.

I took measurements so I could track my effort!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years 2014

This NYE we really didn't have anything planned and a fabulous evening fell into place.  Around 4 p.m. we decided we would go out; so I ran to get my nails done (black with sliver sparkle tips).  We went to our favorite sushi bar for a late dinner.  When we arrived the sushi bar was packed (our favorite and only seats were just taken).  So we sat and expected to wait.  As soon as our waitress came out and saw us they scooted the family to a table to make room for us.  I felt bad, but I was also glad (I was hungry and we like to sit in our spot)!

Below are pictures of the AHHH MAZING sushi and sashimi we had.  We didn't order as much as we usually do, but it was plenty.

The last picture is of us out…at a club…on NYE!  This is UNHEARD of!!  Our friend Nikki got us tickets and we ended the night there.  We were patiently waiting for midnight so we could go home, put on PJs, and snuggle on the couch (we are so old).

Another new year with the love of my life and my best friend.  So exciting!!

Clams & Oyster Shooters

 Tuna Lobster Shooters

 Sushi and Sashimi

 We get the same spot at the sushi bar and the same waitress every time!

 Crazy Faces

Ready for midnight (and bed)