Thursday, April 30, 2009

Okay, Really Who Did It?!?

So today I get another "Campus Warning" email; which is not uncommon lately with all the robberies and what not. However, I thought this one particularly funny since it consisted of indecent exposure around campus. As I continue to read the email I notice they have a description of the suspect, then it hits me...

Here is the email:

To Whom It May Concern:

It has been brought to the faculties attention that there have been some incidents of indecent public exposure on Carnegie Mellon's Campus, specifically at the Heinz College. Please be aware that these activities are illegal and the culprits will be severely punished.

We are currently in search of one female suspect described as being approximately 6 feet and having short, redish hair. She has been see in Hamburg Hall wearing only black rimmed glasses.

If anyone has any information, please reply to this email immediately.


Campus Administration

IT IS ME?!?!? Then I realize it was an email sent from (which is also me). Thanks Zack, Phil, and Ryan for the entertainment!! Now how did you guys do it if you swear you didn't hack into my account??

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Milkshakes

When I was a child it was tradition to go to church and then to my grandpa's for milkshakes EVERY SUNDAY. As we got older we didn't go as much; however over spring break I was able to make it over there for one and it reminded me how freakin' good they are. Grandpa makes the best chocolate banana milkshakes!

Well today I noticed we had black bananas on the counter (the secret ingredient), it was Sunday, and the weather was super warm...perfect combo for a milkshake! They turned out so so good. I can't wait till next Sunday. This is definitely a tradition I am bringing back!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Pay It Forward

Today, in the huge rush of leaving my house at 4:25 to drop off dvds to the library and make it to a 430 group meeting (before our presentation at 530) I locked my keys in the car...while it was on...with my phone and purse inside...parked in a tow away zone behind the library!

A very kind gentlemen stood by my car while I informed the librarian and guard that I would be leaving my car for a few moments to run back to my house to get the spare keys. The man then offered to drive me home, wait while I broke in and got the keys, then drive me back. When I asked him what I owed him he said, "just do it for someone else." I am truly grateful for kind people like this man.

I have always been told Mormons are kind and super helpful people...well after today add Jewish people to the list. Thank you sir!

Easter Dinner

Celaschi and I hosted a little Easter dinner for those of us up here without any family. It went very well...turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, homemade turtle cheesecake, and lots more! There was a total of nine of us. By the time we finished everyone was ready to go into a food coma.

Moraine State Park

Celaschi and I drove up to Moraine State Park. It was so nice to get out of the city for a few hours. We went hiking and then down to the "shore" to put our feet in the water, which was freezing. Hopefully we can get back up there one last time before the summer.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A New Addition...

A few weeks ago or so Celaschi and I were driving back to my place and noticed a poor little palm tree had fallen off of someone's truck. I threw the car in reverse and made Celaschi put it in the car. After we managed to get it home I decided that it needed some TLC. I called my sister, and being the fantastic AG major she is, told me it was a queen palm. So I looked online for how to care for a queen palm in needed to be re-potted and then outside for sun and warmth. We decided she also needed a name. Her name is Lola. She is doing fine...although it got cold a few nights there and she has a few dead looking branches...I think she is too little to be outside all the time. Anyway...she has never made her debut on the blog and since I am being yelled at for not updating as often I though I would do a little post about her.

Lia will be babysitting her over the summer and then when I return and move into my new place with Kirsten and Lia she will be getting a brother, Samuel. He is a tiny cactus Kirsten has adopted. Why is it that I am raising desert plants in PA weather??? What is wrong with me?

Pictures of Samuel to come soon!

Quite a Little Sunday/Weekend

Well this Sunday I did not have to wake up and go to church. Instead I woke up, laid in bed doing work for a while and then decided that it was too beautiful to stay inside. So Lia and I went to Frick Park and walked some trails for about an hour. Thanks for going with me Lia...even though we almost had asthma attacks! Then we went to go look at/buy a dining room was only $30 (craigslist)...I can find the most amazing deals! Anyways, we loaded it up in her outback and then decided the rest of the day should be spent on the porch reading/working. Well...when I got home I realized that my nose ring fell out in the middle of the night and the hole was closing I had to re-pierce it all on my own...ouch! After a little pain and searching (for my ring) I had the situation under control. Next I went into the kitchen and decided to keep my promise to Lia and have cookies and lemonaide waiting for her when she got back to lay out. So I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and cream cheese frosting (not really a spring cookie...but they were good). Well with Lia, Jubby, Ryan, Howard, and Celaschi there not too much work was now I have been racing to get my presentation done. However, I had a ton of fun sitting out on the porch all day enjoying the still needs to get warmer! (oh and its suppose to snow again this week...WTF)

PS...even though I am not a super technical person one would think I could get some of the less complicated computer related items to work...however it has taken me since August to get my scanner to magically stated working today...after I went through my files to find the freakin' manual...murphey's law right...when I am finally ready to sit down and figure it just starts to work.

PPS...Heinz had a happy hour with all the perspective students (plus Celaschi and Lia)...I don't have any pics from the other weekend happenings so I'll post some of those!