Monday, March 26, 2012

Cherry Blossom Weekend

This was the big weekend for the Cherry Blossoms down in DC.  They have been there for 100 years!  The weather has been beautiful; however Saturday it was rainy, cloudy, and a  little put miserable (but we went and had fun anyway).  After M's first metro ride, we walked to the blossoms, then to an art museum before we decided it was time to go home, eat, and get ready to see The Lorax!  We also made candy sushi, ate a lot of cakes, went geocaching, and celebrated Ricardo's 2nd Birthday.

 Happy Birthday Ricardo

 Candy Sushi, my teeth were starting to hurt
 Her first time on the Metro

 Cherry Blossoms at the Tidal Basin
 Outside the Smithsonian Castle
Two little geocachers!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Catching Up

I have been on travel non-stop now since December, maybe?  I looked at the calendar and realized April is upon us!!  But so is spring, I cannot complain.  The weather is already warm and sunny.

The past few months I have been to Virginia (X4), Louisianan, Mississippi, Alabama, Arizona, California, New Jersey, Maryland, Maryland, oh and Maryland (x100).  Most of the time it is for work but I also got to see Shawn and our families (again no complaining on my end). 

Two weekends ago Shawn was able to make an impromptu trip up to the Burgh to surprise me!  Yes, a 3 am knock on the door surprise.  He had worked late but still wanted to come spend a weekend where we could have alone time.  It has been chaotic this whole month (as well as the 3 before that).  We did absolutely NOTHING!  Well, we went shopping, laid around, went to a great Mexican restaurant, and grilled out on the porch followed by Sunday night shows.  One of our favorite things to do.

We are always making changes to our burger recipe.  This one might have been the yummiest so far.  Ground beef, 1 egg, season salt, pepper, chopped jalapenos, 1 packet of french onion mix, make two patties, put provolone cheese in middle, squish together, grill, then add homemade guacamole!  The burgers were AMAZING!

The next week...
I was suppose to be grounded in Pittsburgh for a few months (no work travel) but a week and a half later I was off to Virginia again.  Shawn and I spent St. Patrick's Day together in Maryland. 

Walter also got a haircut, complete with Mohawk (pictures coming soon).

Monday, March 5, 2012

Windy Weekend in Maryland

I was in Virginia and New Jersey for work this past week; I took advantage of the travel and stayed in MD for two weekends.  The first weekend Shawn and I had Montgomery.  Saturday M and I went shopping, Potbelly's for lunch, and then out to the farm to see Shawn hard at work (he had a bathroom demo).  It was too cold and windy to stay out with the horses for long but M was nice enough to introduce me to all of them!

Sabra you were there in spirit.

We had family game night which included high bets and intense butt whoopins!!

We had a birthday party Sunday at Joyful Jumps

Dina made the Angry Birds cake.

There were many races through the jumpy obstacles...Shawn cheated of course.

Right before she threw-up (too much bouncing)

The second weekend Shawn and I got to see Billy and Joey!  We had a tour of Joey's new house, shopping at Home Goods, and SUSHI!  Sunday we went to a huge warehouse called Second Chance and got to see some great reclaimed pieces that would be perfect for remodeling a new home.  All in all a great 10 days!!

Thank you Dina for watching my boys again, they have so much fun with your family.  Shawn, M, and I also LOVE staying with you!!!