Monday, August 1, 2011

Steel City or Bust

A little over a year ago I graduated and moved to Maryland to start my career! I promised I would stay with my company for years (unlike young professionals these days). I would create a new life in Maryland and be happy!

A lot of things happened in last 14 months and I never realized how much I missed Pittsburgh, how much I considered it home (on the east coast Sabra, calm down), and how irreplaceable those relationships I left back there were.

In June I received a call that Kirsten would be going into surgery and I would need to be there to pick her up from the hospital. The boys and I jumped in the car and we were on our way. While I was there King mentioned an opportunity opening up at CERT and said I should apply, this one was the position for me. So when I got back to Maryland I applied. And then nothing...

For almost a month I didn't hear anything back AND THEN I got a call from HR asking if I was interested in a phone interview. OF COURSE! It went great, loved the people I spoke to and the job they described; they asked if I was interested in a coming to Pittsburgh for a real interview, YES AGAIN! So July 15th I presented and interviewed, then went home to wait for the final decision. I was dying to get back to Pittsburgh and dying to get this job!!

They kept me waiting till July 27th, the day before my birthday, to let me know I GOT THE JOB! WOOHOO!!! I also called my old realty company to see if they had any townhouses available in my old neighborhood (a neighborhood I loved and was sad to leave). They said they had one apartment available and it would be ready September 1st. PERFECT. Even better, it was my old apartment from my first year in grad school. AMAZING. So Friday I went to take a look and yep it was just as I remembered. So I filled out the paperwork and put down a deposit. The boys and I will be moving back to our (east coast) home at the end of the month to pick up right where we left off. Chuy and Walter are super excited to get a yard back...this MD living has been rough on their outdoor adventures.

Not only did I get a great job and my old apartment back but Kirsten, Heyward, and Franklin will be living only a few doors down in another townhouse on our street. I know some of my sisters hate when I compare my dogs to having kids but it feels so great to be on a street where I will be living next to (practically) family, the boys can have a cousin to play with, and Kirsten and I can raise our first set of "kids" together just like we had planned.

When I first moved to Pennsylvania I absolutely detested it; but after 6 years and moving into the city I now bleed black and gold. It took leaving to realize it.

One Quarter of a Century Down...

And three more to go right?! (one can only hope)

This year for my birthday I took two days off and headed up to Pittsburgh to enjoy a four day weekend. I got to see all my lovely ladies and enjoy their company (and some great Mexican food). Thank you ladies (and King, Heyward, and Lex) for a great weekend!

I also received fabulous birthday texts, calls, cards, and packages from my family. It is always good to get little surprises from them on my birthday. THANK YOU MUCHO!