Friday, October 26, 2012

Yearly Fall Visit with Mother

Mom made her yearly visit to see the leaves change and stock my pantry...oh and to see me too!  This year was Mallory's turn and we had a blast.  This was the first year I decided to take the week off from work so that I wasn't grumpy and tired when I was with mom and Mallory (not that I get grumpy or tired ever, right?!).

We picked pumpkins and apples, baked apple pies and dinner in a pumpkin, carved pumpkins, shopped, toured DC, crafted, quilted, and went to the Renaissance Festival.  M was able to come for part of the week so Mallory and her were partners in crime.

Pictures of Renn Fest to come!

Friday, September 28, 2012

W Turns Three

Walter had his third birthday this month.  My littlest man is getting so big.  We just had a small party with Susanna and Whiskey, and Dino and Kimchi.  Walter LOVED his angry birds toy Auntie Susanna got him.  We were hot and tired after such a great party!

Chuy was a little jealous and upset none of the festivities were in his honor.

Sprint Cup 2012

One of the last gifts I gave Shawn for his birthday was tickets to the Sprint Cup in Richmond, VA.  After much waiting September finally came and we went (even in the terrible rain)!  It stated as a beautiful day but by the end we were soaked, extremely cold, and tired but we still loved every minute of it.  I cannot wait till we can go again, especially when the whether is much better.

Quick Visit with Kelly

A few weeks after our trip out to Arizona I had the chance to go work in San Diego for a few days.  I was able to get up to see Kelly, Jay, and the kids.  I even spent the night with them!  I had a blast and still can't believe that Kelly and I had not hung out solo in so many years.  It was great and I can't wait till her and Jay come visit up in Maryland.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer 2012

It has been super busy on our end and so much has gone on since the last post.  So here is what you missed...

In July Shawn and I decided that a long distance relationship was not going to work for us anymore.  So we put the plans in motion to get me to Maryland.  Slowly things fell in to place and I packed up my apartment and headed to Severn on July 22nd.  The move was long and hard but totally worth it.

A few days later we were off to Las Vegas for Black Hat and Def Con.  Shawn and Montgomery came along for the ride and enjoyed the pool while I was working.  We got to enjoy Vegas with Kennedy and Liz and had a great time.

On my birthday we loaded up the rental car and drove down to Yuma where my family had a party for grandma and I.  Thank you to all my family for showing up and bringing me the great homemade food I miss all year long!  We spent the next week hanging out with family, relaxing, and eating entirely too much food.  Shawn and I were so glad we were able to bring Montgomery to Yuma to meet my family.  She loved every minute and probably would have loved to stay longer.

When we arrived back in Maryland Shawn and I moved my stuff from storage and moved into our new place.  I can officially say I HATE MOVING and the next move will be into a house I own and will not be leaving for many many years.  I am over every single aspect of moving.  HOWEVER, Shawn and I are enjoying every second of being together in the same state, city, and house.


Friday, July 6, 2012

Birthday Weekends

Shawn was able to celebrate his birthday for two weekends (lucky)!  The first weekend he came to Pittsburgh where we celebrated with Mexican food, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, and my work's annual summer picnic in Seven Springs.

The following Thursday we went to the Dierks Bentley concert in Baltimore.  It was an AWESOME concert even with the warmer weather.

We also had M for a few days.  Minus the tummy aches and a little heat exhaustion she had a good time; we even went geocaching and found some pretty cool stuff.  The weekend of health issues concluded with Shawn and M both getting poison ivy.  YIKES!

Happy 38th Birthday Baby!!

 Can never smile...

 Our second geocache
After our fourth geocache (and romp through the poison ivy)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day

Montgomery and I (of course Chuy and Walter too) made sure Shawn's Father's Day was relaxing and perfect.

We woke him with breakfast in bed and presents.  Later that day we grilled and went to the drive-in to see Madagascar 3 and Men in Black 3.  Montgomery was able to enjoy her first of many drive-in movie experiences complete with funnel cake.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Chuy's 3rd Birthday

We celebrated Chuy's birthday a few days early on Cinco de Mayo (I don't think he minded).

M made decorations, cupcakes, and the caramel corn.  She was very busy preparing for the party.  I made sure there was plenty of guac and we also had fajitas.  We were all stuffed!

 Chuy desperately wanted his cupcakes and presents.  He wasn't excited about posing for a pic.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bowie Baysox

Friday night the Lees joined us for family night at a Bowie Baysox game.  They won and the fireworks after the game were awesome and long (our necks were hurting).

I am not a huge fan of baseball games but I do love baseball food!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Out on the Farm

This weekend Shawn was super busy and worked most of the time.  We had to change plans and stay out on the farm but I could not complain.  It was absolutely beautiful and the boys had a many dogs!

They had adventures all weekend with Tilley, Cosmo, Hunter, and Niya.  Walter got a little too adventurous and had a horse chase after him.  He learned quickly.  Chuy had a run-in with a mouse trap.  They were all learning the hard way.

He was excited for his new tool.  I think its some sort of fancy nail gun. (What do I know)

Brent and Shawn trying to get the new bulls through the shoot.

Emily and I supporting from the side, we had different ideas for Sunday Funday.

I need real and grandma would have yelled at me!