Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Once again...

I have failed miserably at taking pictures while we are together.  I was sad because this was the first time I got to meet his family.  It was a quick trip and we were busy so this summer when we are there for a but longer I will definitely get pictures.

Shawn and I flew to Alabama Friday morning so I could meet his family and to pick up a work truck.  We had lots of fun and I absolutely love everyone I met.  Sunday we woke up (late) and had breakfast with his grandma then got on the road (even later).  We had some hiccups along the way be we got to Pittsburgh before the morning light (barely).  It was a long day but we had so much fun talking, driving, keeping each other from boredom, and of course stopping for that last Krystal Burger.

This was the view from our room on the golf course.  The weather was so nice, warm and sunny.

 If you look in the back you can see what is on almost every corner in the south (a Waffle House and a Krystal Burger).

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pleasant Surprise

This week I am on travel for work, doing my first assessment!  For the first few days I was lucky enough to be close to Shawn.  I was able to see him after work.  One day I walked into my room after a long day and was hit by the most beautiful smell of flowers.  I turned the corner and found these beautiful lilies (and creative vases).  Thank you Shawn!

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years 2012

Shawn and M came to Pittsburgh to spend the New Years holiday with me.  We had so much fun staying busy with Pittsburgh sightseeing, projects, games, and movies. The boys and I were sad to see them leave today but we were also ready for some time to rest.

Working on our gingerbread men that mom sent in the mail.

The trees outside of Phipps had lights going down every branch.  Awesome looking!

Family photo in the room of Christmas trees.

Making doggie treats that mom also sent in the mail.  I just noticed Chuy in the corner, haha.

Shawn bought M and I new Converse when we were at the outlets.

On Mt. Washington at the Duquesne Incline.  M was nervous the entire time we were on it, but then said it was in her top three favorite things we did.

M was trying out her photography skills.

The big tree at PPG Plaza.  We didn't try ice skating, it was cold and windy.

M helped pop the popcorn and enjoyed a NYE Shirley Temple while we watched movies and the ball drop.