Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Decorating

This weekend we put up the tree, lights, wreaths, and stockings! Our place is looking GREAT! I hope you enjoy the pictures...we all worked hard putting it together...Lisa and I did the wreaths all by ourselves...impressive huh?!?!

Oh and it was Preston's birthday yesterday so we all went out and had a little was much needed considering the next two weeks are going to be intense and stressful for me...YIKES.

Thanksgiving Week

For the Thanksgiving holiday I met up with John in Philly and spent some time with his family for dinner in Freehold, NJ.

After John and I flew in we went to dinner at a little pizza place outside of the Ben Franklin Science Museum and then went to the late IMAX showing of Madagascar 2. Loved it..although I think the first one was the best.

The next day we went to NJ to his sister's house and spent the entire day eating, doing puzzles, playing wii, and having tons of fun! I had missed them so much and I was glad that I was able to see them again. Oh and my entire right arm/elbow/shoulder were sore from Boom Blox.

Friday we woke up semi early and went to the Rocky steps and statue, the JFK plaza, Liberty Bell, all the old buildings around that area, and then the mall. The mall on Black Friday was a horrible mistake. I only went to two stores, H&M and VS, but I got some cute worth it! We also went to see Four was funny. But there were so many people and they were rude!! I will never go out in public on Black Friday again...mark my words people. After the movie we went back to the hotel and relaxed...ordered steak, mashed potatoes, and asparagus...I finally ordered a Marriott Steak from room service...something my niece did at the age of 4 or 5 (I'm 22).

Saturday I flew home and it was back to sad. But I received a letter from my sissy with pictures of the kids so it made being back here a little better. I cannot wait till the next time I get to will be in a few weeks to AZ for a MONTH!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

"Hem your blessings with thankfulness so they don't unravel." ~Author Unknown

I read Shay's blog and thought what a great idea...why had a post about what I am thankful for on Thanksgiving not occurred to me. After some Google searching I found the above quote and thought it was perfect.

Today is a great day to let everyone know that you are thankful for much...but why wait for comes but once a year. Do our blessing only come once a year?...NO, they do not. I wish I was more thankful for all that I have. It seems that all I ever do is complain...and for as miserable as I sometimes sound I am quite happy, blessed, and thankful for it! So here is a short list of things for which I am truly thankful for...

1. My family. This of course is at the top of my I have always said...when the day is over and everything is said and done the only people who matter and who will always be there for you is your enjoy and love them more than anyone else.

2. The gospel. At this point in my life I struggle with a lot and I am not the best church goer...but I feel that because I grew up with the gospel I am a much stronger, caring, and understanding individual. I love Heavenly Father and am thankful for the life he has given me and the family he has surrounded me with.

3. My friends. Living far from family I have had to lean on those around friends. They have helped and been there for me (when usually a family member would step up)...they are my family here and I am so so thankful.

4. My health, mind, and body. I am so blessed to have a healthy body and mind. I rely on them every second of every day. I often forget how fortunate I am to do and solve the most simple tasks in life.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


This past Monday I was FINALLY able to see Twilight. It seemed that for reasons unknown I was NOT suppose to see this movie. At first I did not have anyone to see it with (I was not at home with my crazy, party throwing sister). Then Celaschi told me she was taking a vampire literature class (why does my program NOT have that?!?!) and would LOVE to go with me...YEAH!!! Except she had to go to her sister's wedding over the weekend and would not be back in town until Sunday there went my hopes of seeing it at midnight (of Thursday). Well Sunday rolled around and I had group work and Celaschi told me Lia wanted to join us but could not do it until Monday night...I said I could wait but it was going to have to be a later showing...I have class until 8:30. So a 9:25 showing it would have to be...but what do you know...on the way to the theater we get a FLAT after an hour or so wait for the AAA man we finally had a little doughnut tire and off we went to the 10:15 showing...we didn't care how bitchy we would be the next morning...WE WERE GOING TO SEE THE MOVIE!! And thank goodness I finally got there and got it out of the way...and I can honestly say I am looking forward to the second one. However, the movie was extremely corny and ridiculous at times...probably one of the not so good movies I have seen. BUT since I am absolutely in love with the books and the characters it was not so bad...and I could not not love it...despite its flaws. Oh well, the movie is never like the books or the characters you imagine.

SO SAD...the first season of True Blood is over. I am so glad Zack was able to get them for me to watch...thanks! I CANNOT wait till next season...and John's getting me the rest of the books in the series...I have much to read over Christmas break.

I am still obsessed with Vampires and probably will be forever...I cannot get enough!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Tagged Again...Oh Yeah

I'm passionate about:
-My family
-Movies (lame I know)

Phrases I use the most:
-You're ridiculous
-Love you more/mostest

Things I want to do before I die:
-I want to see EVERYTHING...everywhere in the world
-Get married somewhere exotic
-Have children
-Live a life I can be proud of

Things I need right now:
-Ice Cream
-A plan for my life

Places I want to visit:
-New Zealand

Favorite Restaurants:
-OG Lounge
-Dairy Queen (is that really a restaurant?)
-Burgers and Beer
-Taco Salsa
-Chili Pepper

TV shows I watch:
-The Office
-Queer as Folk
-True Blood

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It Has Been a While...Terrible Tuesday

Well lately it has been more than just Tuesday perhaps it is more like Out-Of-It October or Not-Into-It November...but however you look at it the last few weeks for me have been anything but great. I have lost all motivation or desire to do anything pertaining to school. I miss my family and friends from the other side of the country. I guess I have just reached that point in the semester where Thanksgiving is here and Christmas is right around the corner so I am definitely ready to be done with this part. I will have a month of vacation for Christmas so hopefully a few weeks in sunny AZ/CA will help snap me out of this funk and rejuvenate me for the spring semester because I will NEED it...I am taking some extra classes. To top it off I have not been feeling well...migraines and stomach issues.

I am just in dire need of a break...from life.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Amanda Maggie

For those of you that are not as technically inclined as most (father) here are the pictures of our newest family edition. Enjoy!

Neva Scared

This is my 100th blog post! I was so excited because I wanted to do something exciting and fun...but about a week went by and I had nothing. I thought of a list of a hundred somethings...but who wants to read a list that long?!? Well yesterday Sabra and I were just chatting and what do you know she had an idea for a post and it was perfect for my big 100. Here it is...

Growing up as a child I feel it is only natural that you become deathly afraid of your parents at one point or another...they aren't doing there job if you always feel safe...especially if you pulled some of the shenanigans I did. I remember two specific times that I was scared for my life...LITERALLY. I am pretty sure both happened in the last few months that I was living at home before I went to college...I guess I had to get as many digs in to my father as I could.

The first was when we were discussing the issue of taking the car back to Pennsylvania with me when I went to college. Of course I wanted to take it with me...I had only been driving it a year. All our arguments on this topic were heated...I suppose most conversations with my father are like that (if you know anything about our two personalities and how they don't go together well). Anyways, one particular argument we were arguing at the dining room table and I am not quite sure what I said but I had never seen my father get up and move so quickly towards me. Now he is a 6'3ish man over point is to see this man bolting at you will scare the poop out of you. I ran down the hall as fast as I could while he was yelling and chasing me down. I thought I was done for...I ran to the farthest corner of my room, on my bed, screaming for my mother to save me and my father to not hurt me. He came up to my door, yelled something at me, and then shut it. He never crossed the invisible line that was at my doorway...thank you Jesus! I find it funny because Sabra recalls him getting mad at her and yet never crossed the bedroom door either. So whatever it was that made him stop at our doorway I am grateful!

The second time was over that summer before I left. I was told that upon my arrival to school the basketball team does a 45 minute stopping or you have to train in the AM for a week and try it again. If anyone knows anything about me I am not a runner. So mom and dad thought it would be a great idea for me to train over the summer so I would be prepared. Umm...running during the summer in Yuma...I don't think so. So the night before my first day of training with my father I moved my dresser in front of my bedroom one was waking me up at 6 a.m. and definitely not to go running. Well if you can imagine what a parent does when they go to open a door in their house and a large object is blocking them from doing so...imagine that times like 100 because it is my dad. He was slamming it against my dresser yelling and threatening me to get up and move it. I thought I could sleep through him trying to open the door but after hearing him I thought two things, (1) My dresser was going to be destroyed and (2) Once he got past it I was dead. He eventually gave up but told me this wasn't over...I wasn't going to ever leave the safety of my room for the rest of my life. I don't think we ever talked about it after that morning and he never tried to wake me up early to train again either.

Those stories always make me smile and make Sabra laugh...I was an idiot and always tried to push him to his limits. I guess I was lucky most of the time.

I just finished The Gargoyle and suggest it for everyone. It was such a great book with interesting concepts on life and love. It was perfect. I loved the characters and how such different people that were so messed up could help each other learn to live with what happens in life and to love each other through it all...brilliant!