Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mom and Maverick's Visit

Buddy and mom flew in a week ago and since then we have been having fun nonstop. After going through 1400 photos (yes takes a lot) I uploaded enough to show you what we did while they were here. I will do an actual write up on the trip another night...I am extremely tired tonight (chasing a 5 year old and a senior citizen around has me beat).

Thank you mom for a great week, I love you!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Medieval Times

I work next to a huge mall that has a Medieval Times and I know its cheesy but I have secretly wanted to go just once to see what it is all about. Well a few weeks ago our company decided to plan an event there for this weekend. We were able to get tickets for $10 (a little over $40 cheaper than normal price). So Tracey, Ivan, and I jumped at the chance to go. We had a blast.

We enjoyed our crowns and beverages before the show. It is so weird to see people from work in normal clothes with their families.

After we were seated we had a huge meal that required no eating utensils! The menu consisted of soup, chicken, ribs, bread, potatoes, and a turnover. While we ate we watched a show where the knights battle till the death.

The minute the show stated I realized that Maverick would love it. Sadly him and my mother do not get here until tomorrow afternoon. We might just have to go later this week.

At one point during the show the knights kiss flowers and throw them to the lovely ladies of the crowd. Tracey of course received one of these beauties from the Yellow Knight.

Oh and while we were there so was the Ace of Cakes show and crew. If you see the Knight episode look in the yellow section, I am somewhere in there.

The Big 10

When moving here I was nervous about leaving friends and starting new, both at work and outside of work. I have been fortunate to find Tracey. She is my cube neighbor and we have become extremely great friends! I have been able to not only get to know her but also her son. I am thankful that they have adopted me and made me feel like part of the family.

This Thursday was Ivan's 10th Birthday, so we celebrated at P.F. Changs! We spoiled ourselves and ordered way too much food but it was so yummy. The green bean appetizer was delicious (thanks Sabra for the recommendation). I of course could not leave without having some of the fired banana dessert. I cannot resist it...ever!

Here are a few pics from our little birthday dinner. (I look tired and like I have no makeup on so please excuse my face.)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hims Is Growing Up

So...are you suppose to get extremely emotional once you hit the ripe old age of 24?!?!

This year I cry about everything it seems like. Especially when I look at what my little brother is doing and where he is...maybe it is because we were really close growing up together.

He finished his two years at AWC and left for Texas to play Division I Basketball for Stephen F Austin University in Nacogdoches. He doesn't know it but I constantly worry about him being so far from family and on his own. I know he is older than I was when I left Arizona but the idea of him being on his own always worries me. I am like a mother hen.

Today I was browsing Facebook and came across a picture he posted. I am assuming it is hanging somewhere on his campus, most likely the gym. I smiled and then started tearing up.

Ever since Zachary was little he dreamed about playing Division I and being on t.v. for march madness. I even think he dreams about the NBA sometimes. I have never met anyone so dedicated or passionate about something. As a small child I always thought he was insane. He would go outside and shoot and do moves all day and night working on his game. Sometimes I think he was even playing against imaginary people. He was always doing funny moves. I use to watch (from inside of course) and think why would anyone work so hard at something that was so far away?? I mean who really knows what they want in college when they are 8?

Today in Gospel Principles lesson 34 "Developing Our Talents" was taught. It list the 6 ways we can develop our talents.
1. Evaluate ourselves to find our strengths and abilities
2. Willingness to spend time and effort
3. Faith in Heavenly Father to help us
4. Learn the necessary skills
5. Practice
6. Share our talents so that they may grow

This list talks nothing about love and passion which I think play an important role in developing a talent (don't get me wrong the list above is a great one). I have seen my little brother set a goal and work constantly through the years to perfect himself and his game. He loves playing, practicing, lifting, running, etc. Every element of basketball I think he loves and has a passion for. I often wish I could have that same passion and love for one of my talents. I admire him for these qualities. I am so proud of him and all he has done. I love him so much and enjoy watching him grow up.

Zachary keep being ambitious, hard working, passionate, and dedicated. Never give up on your dreams in life. I love you!

Revamped Lamps

I haven't done a project for a few weekends because I had company and I was feeling like a break from crafting was necessary. Plus I just didn't have any projects I was dying to do. Don't get me wrong I have a closet full of things that I should do but just don't have the urge yet.

However earlier this week I received a freecycle notice about two "beige and black" lamp shades. Knowing that when I get the king size bed the new comforter is white, beige, and black I figured these lamps shades would look cute and be a fun little change to my room. But when I went to pick them up they weren't beige. They were GOLD and black, the same gold as my curtain in the office. I was so thrilled!

So I headed to Goodwill found two old brass lamps ($5 each) and picked up a can of spray paint at Walmart ($3). Within a few hours and coats of paint I had perfect black lamps for my desk. I was able to move the cheap little floor lamp from the office. The lamps were the finishing touch the room needed (and I didn't even know)!

Girls Weekend

Last weekend Kirsten and Franklin drove up from Pittsburgh to spend some time with Chuy, Walter, and me. It was a great break that we all needed. The boys had so much fun playing with each other. There was a little fighting and growling; Franklin now humps all dogs in sight, something the boys didn't take well to.

Kirsten made me some delicious Halloween treats! She melted chocolate chips, placed on a pan and right before the chocolate had set she covered it in crush heath bars, butterfingers, Reese's pieces, roasted peanuts, and Reese's peanut butter cups. If you know anything about me you know I am addicted to sugar and I LOVE LOVE LOVE candy.

In exchange I made her tortilla soup, caramel corn, and potato, egg, and cheese burritos! We also went to a local Mexican restaurant, played Rummikub, watched Chris Rock and Project Runway, went to the mall, ate at Mimi's, and just sat around and talked while the boys played.

It was great to have my friend, old roommate, and practically sister come visit me. I definitely needed a girls weekend. I cannot wait till we do it again!!