Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Already?!?!

I walked into Target yesterday and it was decorated top to bottom with Christmas. I love Christmas but I mean it's Thanksgiving this week and I still don't have my plans 100% figured out for can I begin to deal with Christmas?!?!

In RS we talked about the Christmas dinner and I will be helping decorate a table (which I am excited to do). Then I got a text from my cousin Jennifer asking for a Christmas craft (also excited to figure out). Also, Jace called last night asking me what my favorite Christmas movies was. So...

I suppose I will start to think about/plan for the Christmas holidays even though it is November 21st.

But now where I need some help. I don't think I have a favorite Christmas movie. I mean I have seen many but can't think of one I absolutely love. I also haven't seen a lot of the classics either (YIKES). Hmmm...suggestions anyone?!?!

So far I think I like The Holiday, Elf, Love Actually, and Prancer. Are those good enough to call favorites?? Anyone got suggestions for must see Christmas movies??

Oh and if you have an awesome Christmas craft that I have to do let me know.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Irish Festival

Celaschi came into town and the boys and I were super excited. She came bearing gifts for all of us! The boys got treats, balls, and I got brownies (yummy). Friday night we met Shawn at Looney's Irish Pub and had the biggest bowl of seafood. We split it and still could not finish. Celaschi was also able to listen to a good band while we ate...she loves live bands.

Saturday Kerri, Celaschi, and I drove to the Irish Festival at the Fair Grounds and had a blast. Wallace met up with us later and enjoyed it as well. We had tons of food, bought some things, and enjoyed some great music. It was good to get in touch with my Irish roots.

After the Irish festival Celaschi and I ordered pizza, talked, and watch movies/tv all night. It was great to have a girls night in. Shawn came for a while a hung out as well.

The boys got a little sick from the threats but overall it was a great weekend and we are glad Celaschi came to visit.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween in the Burgh

The boys and I packed up the car and headed up to Pittsburgh for the holiday weekend. It had been 2.5 months since we had last been there so a trip was in order.

Friday night I just wanted to dance! So we went to Whim and had a blast. No costumes though...I wanted just a regular night out.

Saturday I got my hair done; it's shaped, short, and red. I feel like me again. The rest of the afternoon we laid around, ordered Thai, and watched t.v. Then we started getting ready for Kennedy's Halloween party. We had surprise costumes this year. Kirsten and I decided to go as sister wives from the compound on Big Love. Everyone loved our costumes. I will admit they are a little creepy; but it was the look we were going for so no complaints!

There were many great costumes at the party. My favorites were of course the Tetris pieces. You can't go wrong! Also, Chris was the Grim Reaper and he carried around a sickle with a cardboard computer with the blue screen of death displayed. By the end of the night I realized how nerdy we really are. There were many other great costumes as well. Oh and Kirsten's stuffed monkey Hank was The Coon from South Park, ridiculous!

Sunday I went to church at my old ward, I love going back to visit. After church Kirsten showed me how to prepare fresh pumpkin for cookies and pies. It was a long weekend but we had fun! The boys were so tired from playing with their cousin all weekend. Walter slept the entire ride home, Chuy for most of it.


Since I can remember my mother has always had clocks around the house, everywhere. An old one with a pendulum and we would get to wind it with the key (we would also get yelled at for playing with it). The little ones in every room, even the bathroom. But most of all the big ones above the fireplace. As time went on the clocks would get bigger and bigger. So of course while she was here for the week she noticed one thing that my house lacked...clocks! I do not own a single clock. But why would I? The iHome, cable box, microwave, oven, and my cell phone all tell time.

It didn't matter my mother was going to make sure I had a clock in every room of the house before she left. AND she almost succeeded (minus the bathrooms). I got two normal little clocks for the kitchen and my office. Can I mention the kitchen already had two clocks but she insisted I needed one with a seconds hand (crazy). The third clock she got me I had to pick out and order off line is on the wall between my dinning room and living room. I love it! It can go anywhere and match anything because it is simply simple. It is 30 inches in diameter, sometimes I think the 50 inch one would have worked but I was nervous it would have been too much for my little apartment.

Here is my perfect clock! I can't wait till I can live somewhere and paint the walls. Then I can have my little red wall with my perfect clock (hopefully above my fireplace).

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I couldn't even tell you how long ago I bought this book, well over a year I would say. I had picked it up numerous times to read it but just didn't get very far. I don't know if it was the story, the writing, or the translation, or what. Nonetheless, I always kept it around and pretended I would get to it one day. Well in May I pulled it off the shelf and started leaving it by the bed, in July I watched the movie (and liked it), so this past month or so I was determined (Kathy said I would like it). I FINALLY finished it this past Saturday. I loved it! The book has a better ending in my opinion and definitely has me wanting to know more about where Blomkvist and Salander's relationship will go. I am hesitant to pick up the next book (and the one after that) since it took me so long to get through this one. BUT I think its worth a shot. I will probably watch the movie first though (streaming on Netflix already) to get me jump started.

The Trip in Detail

It has been a little over a week since mom and Buddy left. I have been a little lonely but at least my house in back in order! I often forget what it is like to live with other people.

While my mother was here I had to work but that did not stop us from having fun in the evenings and on the weekend. The first weekend she was here we decided to go up to a farm where we were able to pick pumpkins and apples. We picked too many but I am glad because it kept my mother busy during the day while I was at work. She made many apples pies and tons of applesauce. She showed me how to make both and can the applesauce! SIDE NOTE: This past weekend I took the pumpkins to Pittsburgh and Kirsten showed me how to cook them and get the ready for pies and cookies; I will soon have FRESH pumpkin treats.

We also bulked up my non-existent 72-hour kits as well as my year supply. I have 3 72-hour for Jace, one for me, and one for the boys! I also had so much food that I decided to put it in the office closet. I have it all organized but of course haven't gotten around to posting a picture. I will one day. My mother says its definitely not a year supply of food but to me (in a small apartment) it looks like it is! SIDE NOTE: Maverick was tired of shopping at Wal-Mart by the end of the week.

We let everyone pick a restaurant to eat out at during the week. My mother picked a steak house (she loves eating meat that is still bleeding), I picked a burger place, and Maverick wanted Medieval Times because I told them there was fighting during dinner. He loved it! He hardly ate because he was intently watching the knights. He was too cute. I love that kid!! SIDE NOTE: My friend Tracey from work and her son Ivan came over for dinner one night and brought Maverick a shield and sword; he held it all through dinner but sadly the TSA people took it from him at airport security, he was not a happy camper.

We also went to the temple's visitor center, church bookstore, the national zoo, and Baltimore harbor for our last hooray before they flew out. I was so worn out and tired after that day as well as the week. I forget how much I don't do living alone. But I was so excited to have them that I made myself keep up!

Mom and buddy even cleaned their bathroom before they left. The best house guests ever! They are welcomed back any time. Thank you mom for making the trip happen and making it fun. I love you!

I mentioned my mother took more photos than necessary while she was here. I only took one! (minus the ones on my phone) It was of this cute little pygmy falcon at the zoo. I hate birds generally (they scare me) but this one looked adorable.