Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Asian Invasion

Here are the two cutest asian dolls I got in my kids meal at the McDonalds in Brazil. The one with the smile has a little heart that lights up when you push the button in her back...the other's cheeks light up when you push her button. The white asian doll is the one that I got at the museum in Paris.

Friday, January 25, 2008


Wow! Rio is beautiful...today we took so many tours my feet are killing me. We went to the world's largest slum. We rode motorcycles to the top and walked to the bottom. We saw some of the most interesting living conditions I have ever seen. It is amazing that people can live in such filth. After the slum we went to a cathedral, soccer stadium, the big Jesus, and up sugar loaf mountain. They were all beautiful. The big Jesus was by far my most favorite thing on the trip. It was so powerful to stand beneath a large statue of Jesus and have him peering down at you. It was very moving. Tonight we went to a very nice restaurant and spent $1100!!! Matt was a little worried. Lisa, Rose, and I went down to the beach with a few others and walked barefoot. I cannot wait for my whole day on the beach tomorrow. Well here are some pictures from the last week that I have not been able to load and put up because of lousy internet connections. Well I love and miss everyone and can not wait to be in the states in a few days!!!

Pictures from Rio coming soon!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Brazil Continued

Hey Guys! It has been a while since I was last able to post. Our last day in Belem we took two tours. We went to the elementary school and the university. The kids were so cute! The next day we got on a boat and began our five day journey down the Amazon River. WOW! So many things happened where do I begin. First off the condition were outrageous. We were crammed into a tiny space with many other Brazillian families. Overall I loved it but the food was the same: breakfast - bread and water lunch and dinner - beef, pasta, and rice. After the second day everyone became ill. I don't think their was one healthy person in the group. I am still not feeling all too well but I am loosing weight! Just kidding mom. Well the natives on the Amazon live in unimaginable conditions. I have so many picture I will upload as soon as there is not a long line behind me for the computer. We got off the boat in Manaus and spent the night in a glorious hotel (probably no better than a 4th ave. motel but at this point who cares). The next morning we went on a jungle tour and went walking throught the amazon. We say huge lilly pads and an alligator. We also were able to hold a baby alligator, sloth, monkey, and cobra! I got pictures with all of them. I can not believe I really did hold them all....I think everyone did. Later that day we boarded our flight to Soa Paulo and then to Iguacu Falls. We arrived at a hostel that is like a country club compared to the first one. Today we will be going to Paraguay and then the falls. I am so excited. I will write more when I can and I will load pictures as well. I love and miss everyone so much!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Brazil Day Two

Today we had the day off from "class". So I slept in and ate a late breakfast. After breakfast Kirsten and I read and then headed down to the market. Sunday is the big day for little markets all over the city. We only went to the big one close to the hostel. After that we came back and showered....after they fixed the water and had it up and running again. Then Kirsten, Mike, and I went for a tour of the mall they have here. It is actually quite nice. There was a McDonald's in their food court and I had A FRIED APPLE PIE....don't be too jealous John and Sabra. After that when we were walking home Kirsten fell into a hole in the street and broke the ceramic pig I had bought from a street vendor...so sad. We will go back tomorrow and get another one. We also saw a dead rat on the side walk...and then a live one jumped out at us when we were walking home after dark. It was good fun though. For dinner we went to a crappy little fast food place called Bob's. NASTY...tomorrow we are going to a better more Brazilian place for dinner. We are also taking to tours of school around here and Lisa and I are going to be doing our senior project. WISH ME LUCK!
Love and Miss Everyone

Brazil Day One

Hello Everyone! I am having a great time here in Belem. It is very hot and humid but fun. I prefer this to the snow....I think. Well yesterday we just walked around the city. We saw the opera house, a little market, fish/farmers market, a church, and a fort. I also saw a lot of other interesting things but that is for another time...it is just very dirty...public nudity and urination!! Well here is a quick slide show of most of my pictures from the first day...hope you enjoy!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Leaving for Brazil

I just got back to Washington, PA and unpacked last night. Now I am packing again today for Brazil! I am so excited...scared, nervous, etc. I hope that we all have so much fun while we are there. I will try and post picture when I get a chance to get to a computer but I have no idea when that will be. I will miss everyone while I am away. Love You!
PS I can't wait to see the big jesus

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sisters' Retreat

This weekend was great...well except for the rain! I love spending time with my sisters. San Diego was beautiful as always. We went to the Bodies exhibit, Dead Sea Scrolls, shopping, shopping, and more shopping. We all ate entirely too much...surprisingly I didn't gain an ounce...same weight this morning as I was before we left!!! We also went to see P.S. I Love You. I cried so much it hurt. Great movie. I hope that we continue to do this retreat every year. I love my sissies!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Christmas Vacation

John and I had a great time in Paris. I loved the old buildings and churches as well as all the art. I made John walk the entire Louve. We saw everything on our list...so we were very tired from our vacation! After Paris we went to New York to stay with his family. While we were there we also went to Albany, EastChester, and Freehold to see other family and friends. We are now in Yuma. John couldn't be any happier to be back to work where he can rest. I am enjoying seeing my family and the kids!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Just Joan

I created this blog for you! I hope you like it and use it daily. I tried to name it many things, but the one that was accepted was TitaJoan. I hope that's okay.