Friday, January 29, 2010

Chasin' Tail

So Erin and I are spending a crazy Friday night in learning different crochet stitches. The boys have been fighting/wrestling like mad and it is driving me insane. However, Walter started doing the craziest thing ever and he has done it nonstop for the last 10 minutes. I wonder when the little man will tire himself out or get super dizzy. Chuy is not too sure what all this is about...

Brotherly Love

The boys are loving each other more each day. They love to tease and trick each other when fighting over toys. They also love to reminds me of when my nephews play "shirts" and do Nacho Libre like moves to each other. Today we had the futon down so we could remove the cover to wash and the boys have turned it into their own wrestling ring. I had to grab a camera and post since I have not done so in a long time. Here it is...

Monday, January 11, 2010

One is NEVER Enough...Right?!!?

Okay...some call me a little impulsive when it comes to certain things. I of course have no idea what they are talking about.

I have been thinking that Chuy needed a girlfriend of sister sometime soon. I plan to be working after June and the thought of him staying home alone for 9 hours was killing me. So I made plans to bring Fran home from my sister's. Well what sane person wants to give their precious little dog away? So not surprisingly Sabra decided to keep Fran and Chuy and I came home empty handed. He was mopey the entire day or two after we got home. He had such a great time with his cousin every day. Well I had been going between hesitant and gung-ho about another dog; but I let the impulsiveness (and encouragement from a few friends) get to me the other day.

I was lounging around with my two roomies and friend Erin preparing a breakfast of pancakes and eggs when Kirsten left her computer open with the dog adds on up for me to oh so conveniently see. So while I ate I glanced at the first two pages (cheapest ads first!). To my surprise there was a doxie-poo for $45! He was a little older than I had wanted (4 months) and a boy (power issues with Chuy) but I emailed the guy for a picture and information about picking him up as soon as possible. The next day I skipped out of church a little early, packed up the gang, and headed to West Virginia (about an hour away) to meet this little dog. I immediately fell in love!!

We have had so much fun with him already...and it has only been 24 hours! He needed a bath badly (previous owners were smokers), a hoodie, toys, and lots of love and attention. He is getting more than he bargained for!

He poops outside but has been paper trained, so he pees in the house (disgusting). We have been about 50/50 today. But wish me luck! (Chuy only took about a month or so...I think I can do just as well with black dog but I do not want to jinx myself).

Also, he has no name. He is being called Carlos and Black Dog until further notice. Thoughts or Ideas? I was thinking something French (since he is half poodle) to go with Von Festivus (middle and last name).

The Last Little Bit

Well the month long break I had from school flew by while I was in Arizona. I had a lot of fun and so did Chuy. I sometimes wish we lived much closer; but I have to finish school. After school I am not sure exactly what I will be doing or where I will be living but maybe it will be closer to my family (hopefully). During the last week in AZ Chuy met and played with his cousin Tink and I got to visit with Jen. We also got to see Uncle Zacy play a few games (he did amazing) and turn 20! No more teenagers for my parents!

I decided to stay with Zac during this vacation because I was unsure of how Chuy would react to a house full of children (I usually stay at my sissy's). I know that it was hard for her and me to not be together the entire time; however I am very grateful for the time I had with my little bro. It was great to see each other more than usual and strengthen our relationship. I am very proud of him and pray that he does well in the following two years away from home (he should be leaving to play D1 basketball next year). I am proud of you Zac and very lucky to be your little big sister.

Enjoy the pics below of Chuy and Tink, Zachary, and Roxy (the neighbors HUGE turtle)...Chuy and Fran had such a time barking at her.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back Together Again

This trip I was able to see Mindy and Sarah AT THE SAME TIME! I cannot remember the last time we were all together hanging out.

After dinner I was also able to drive out and see Autumn. She is so big and CUTE! She loved Chuy and he loved her! I think you need to get a smaller dog for her Chris (just sayin').