Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer 2012

It has been super busy on our end and so much has gone on since the last post.  So here is what you missed...

In July Shawn and I decided that a long distance relationship was not going to work for us anymore.  So we put the plans in motion to get me to Maryland.  Slowly things fell in to place and I packed up my apartment and headed to Severn on July 22nd.  The move was long and hard but totally worth it.

A few days later we were off to Las Vegas for Black Hat and Def Con.  Shawn and Montgomery came along for the ride and enjoyed the pool while I was working.  We got to enjoy Vegas with Kennedy and Liz and had a great time.

On my birthday we loaded up the rental car and drove down to Yuma where my family had a party for grandma and I.  Thank you to all my family for showing up and bringing me the great homemade food I miss all year long!  We spent the next week hanging out with family, relaxing, and eating entirely too much food.  Shawn and I were so glad we were able to bring Montgomery to Yuma to meet my family.  She loved every minute and probably would have loved to stay longer.

When we arrived back in Maryland Shawn and I moved my stuff from storage and moved into our new place.  I can officially say I HATE MOVING and the next move will be into a house I own and will not be leaving for many many years.  I am over every single aspect of moving.  HOWEVER, Shawn and I are enjoying every second of being together in the same state, city, and house.