Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Wednesday Letters

This is a good little read; I was able to finish in two sittings. This book made me think about so many things especially love and forgiveness. I hope to have a husband some day that writes me letters!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

She's Very Bendy

I went home for Spring break and had a great time. Right after I landed Shay and Drake picked me up from the airport. It was the first time I got to see him. He is beautiful and so sweet!! Watch out ladies he is going to be a looker.

Sabra, Katie, and I hung out for the next day doing what we do best...talking, shopping, eating, books, and the movies!! I love my sissy's and had a fabulous time with them.

After that day in Phoenix Sabra and I headed home where I spent the rest of my vacation reading, handing out, visiting family, and of course stuffing as much Mexican food as I could in my face!! (I am back to the gym to work it off already).

The best part of my time with the kids is the night Mallory showed off her gymnastic moves and "bendiness". Her arms wind all the way around so it look like her elbows bend the wrong's so crazy to watch her contort her self like that...she reminds me of that dance crew on ABDC this season. Anyway, she has been working on a trick...she can take her glasses of with her feet from behind...she is getting much better at it! Here are some photos and a video from spring break....enjoy!

Tiny in the car with me! He is so much fun. I get to drive the yellow mustang now since dad got a new car...lucky me...but I still love my red one and would never get ride of it.

K-Bug and Boops at their choir concert.

The stars with their tita.

Best Cousins!

Buddy turned 4 while I was home...Sabra and Buddy with his birthday presents. ("engine turtles and his sword")

I swear tiny watched Nacho Libre a million times while I was there. He is so cute! He loves to take off his shirt and wrestle...buddy also does some good Nacho impressions.

She is our bendy one.

Crazy elbows that bend the wrong way!!

Mallory's Talent!

Sabra's future home! We love Asian anything so this is the perfect idea for a home.

Drake and Me at Arizona Mills Mall

And I Thought I Had Nothing To Blog About....

It has been so long since I have really blogged and I thought it was because my life was boring...but I looked at the pictures on my camera and guess what!?!?! I am not as boring as I thought. Here is some random things that I have been up to in the last few weeks...

The first was a little happy hour get together at Celaschi's house. It was a great night! We all had a lot of fun being together since we are all always off doing our own things.

Next, Celaschi and I went shopping in Robinson and then we hit the IHOP for chocolate chip panacakes (I had regular)'s amazing what you will crave after a long day of walking around a mall!!

THEN I GOT MY NEW CAR!! Kirsten received her grandparents car since they were getting a new one so I decided to buy hers...and I have loved it ever since. It makes getting around a lot easier. It was such a hassle to get my PA license and then the title and registration (we went to a very shady scary area of town). Then Celaschi and I put the license plate on...well I did and she watched and took pics!

Finally, before I left for spring break we all went out to Peter's to get half off hamburgers! They are so great and you can't beat the price ($2.75). I think we are planning on making it a Thursday night tradition after class. PS I was the cool one with a pitcher of water!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Two Books

This break I only read two books (but it was only a week long). I finally brought myself to read the eighth Sookie book and just learned that two more are due out this year...she better be done soon!! Then my sissy said that The Hunger Games was all the I devoured it in two days. LOVED IT...easy read but the story was amazing. It was a little dark and twisted...the whole premise but the story was excellent. EVERYONE SHOULD READ IT!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Penn DOT...I Hate You

Oh the DMV...gotta love having to go there. I went this morning to get a PA license because apparently you cannot transfer a title without one. I never wanted a PA anything...and have it actually documented I lived in this state! Well I went today around 9 am (they open at 8:30)...its Tuesday...and it was packed!!! Why are these people not at work? Nonetheless I grab my ticket...39, they are one 10! As I am sitting there I realize they do not accept cash or debit check book is at home! So I run, jump back in my car, drive home, grab the check book, stop at the bank (I have no quarters to park and I am not paying $10 to park in a lot), get back to the DMV, park 3 blocks away, and walk in to see the line is now out the door and down the hall. I go directly to the front praying they haven't passed number 39 because if they had I was going to have to go back to the end of the line. THANK YOU JESUS they were only on number 27 (mind you it has now been at least an hour since I first left). I grab a seat and wait and wait, finally get called and the teller is this poor old man who moved extremely slow. Oh well, I need to hurry up and get this picture taken and get out of meter had been expired for a good 30 minutes. I go to the photo booth get a picture (horrible by the way), grab it, run back to my car, and to my surprise no ticket...I think someone was taking pity on me...thanks! I hope I never have to go back to the DMV here again!!

Oh and a new license costs $28...isn't that a little too much? Its a piece of plastic!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

"Hiking" at Frick Park

Friday I thought it would be a good day to go outside and do something, since the weather was nice and the sun was partly out. I asked Celaschi what we should do and the girl replies "lets go hiking!"....does she know how lazy I am?!?! She assured me that there were some easy walking trails and that I would be fine. I then ran some errands, picked her up, and then on the way to the park it starts to rain...the second time in the last month I have tried to do something outside and got rained on last minute. We went hiking anyways and it was fun! She was right, the trail wasn't that bad; however, she said next time we are definitely walking the harder trails...yeah!