Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ocean City, MD - Labor Day Weekend

For the holiday weekend Shawn and I drove over to Ocean City, MD to enjoy the last (but our first) real beach weekend of the summer.  Surprisingly it was our first beach vacation together (in three years).  I generally don't love the beach but we had so much fun I definitely look forward to going again.  

We walked on the boardwalk (a lot), relaxed on the beach reading and napping all day, ate delicious seafood, went dancing, and slept in!  Shawn said it was the most stress free and relaxing vacation he's ever had.  I would say that it was a success!

first day - walking on the boardwalk

inner fat kids were out - pizza and ice cream on the boardwalk

laying on the beach at night (Shawn is sporting his stocking from surgery)

trying to study on the beach

dancing at Seacrets

two days at the beach makes for a great vacation

dinner at Hooked

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